Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have You Received Your 5 Hugs For Today? :)

Yesterday a friend of mine mentioned how people need 5 hugs a day to stay happy and healthy. I love the idea especially since I have always been this overly affectionate person!

Someone had mentioned a research that proved babies who had been cuddled, stroked and hugged developed normal healthy spines as compared to those who had been abandoned and ignored, the spine in those babies shriveled up. As human beings, we all need love, touch and affection.

So making a list of things other than 5 hugs that qualify as my emotional health food, please feel free to add to this list...:)

Pudding love is equivalent to many many hugs. (For those of you who haven't read my previous blog posts, pudding is the street dog who visits and adds much delight to my life) People with pets, plants (that they look after with affection and not kill and replace!) and children (that they look after with affection and are hence happy, loving and well adjusted...this positivity and hope probably shows that i am single and baby-less!) probably find it easier to get their affection quota for the day filled.

A good massage could qualify as your 5 hugs for the week or even the month!

The feeling of new love can escalate a simple smile or touch into a million hugs. The problem with that is it feels too good, so you want more and new love gets old way too quickly. So those of you in the new love mode, enjoy it while it lasts! Hopefully new love gives way to friendship, respect and something that is more lasting if not as exciting :)

A yoga session can leave you all whooshed and happy for the whole day.



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