Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is Your Core Belief Standing In Between You And Your Reality!!

Core beliefs are conclusions we come to as children based on our experiences. We continue to form new beliefs even as adults. The interesting thing is that beliefs reside in the sub conscious part of the brain in the form of a strong feeling of truth or rightness. Even if rationally you know this belief is complete crap, unfortunately you still believe it!

The universe is responding to this feeling sub conscious part of us and since we believe in this particular thing so strongly, it goes all out to make it come true.

Most of the time we are not even aware of what these beliefs are and yet they continue to affect the way we perceive and respond to life. So this blog post is dedicated to discovering our core beliefs and bringing our awareness to the new beliefs we are creating.

One of the new beliefs I have created is that "Every time I need to get home from Bandra, its a struggle because taxi's do not want to go short distances." So yes it is a struggle and one that I have created and continue to perpetuate.

Every time we come to a conclusion, we need to ask ourself - Is this what I want in my life?

For example if you come to the conclusion that making money is hard work, then the universe will make you work hard for your money!

I hate my job because people do not appreciate me, voila! wish granted - People will not appreciate you and you can continue to hate your job!

I am sure you are getting the picture...:)

There is lovely Zen story on judgments about this old man who had a beautiful horse that many people wanted to buy. He would not sell as the horse was a friend and a part of his family. The people of the village thought he was a stupid man as how could he take care of this valuable animal. One day the horse was gone and the people of the village came to tell the old man how this was such a tragedy, he should have sold the horse when he had a chance...The old man refused to form a judgment, just sticking to the fact that the horse was gone. One day the horse returned, bringing 15 wild horses back with him. The people of the village came to congratulate the old man on his new horses. The old man still stayed with just the facts that the horse had returned bringing 15 other horses back with him. The villagers shook their heads and left! The old man's son was training one of the horses and broke his leg and would never walk without a limp again. The villagers came over to sympathize on this tragedy. The old man still refused to come to any conclusion and just stayed with the fact, neither calling it good or bad. There was a war and all the young men of the village were drafted in to the army and certain death except the limping son of the old man. As expected, the villagers came over to tell him how lucky he was... The old man told them to stop passing judgments - how can we pass a judgment without knowing the whole story.

The whole story is never available to us, we only know the bits where we play a role. If 5 people were involved in the same incident, there would be 5 different versions of how it went down! So each time you pass a judgment, come to a conclusion, think again. Stay with the facts instead.

Unless of course the conclusion you have come to is that you deserve to have a happy abundant life...go universe go! :)


As you walk home dreamily from a date, planning babies with this man you have just met and do not know (this would be a great time to stick to the facts!), suddenly one part of your mind comes in and says, Don't be daft, this is never going to work out!

As you are walk into a job interview for a dream job which will pay you really well, a voice in your head tells you that you will never get this job.

Pay attention to these voices, these very strong fixed thoughts and ideas which keep coming up. Life is our teacher and till we learn the lesson and change our belief, we will find ourselves in a re-run with new actors but similar situations again and again.

Another indication of the core belief which is creating havoc in your life is just to think about what you are not satisfied with in life, things you want but do not have. Maybe its your core belief which is standing in the way, which keeps sabotaging your plans!

Enjoy the process of discovering your core beliefs...:)

I was watching the video, 'Birth as We know it' yet again when the words Core Belief jumped out at me and led me to this article



  1. Namaste Dinaz..all your articles are very well written..i found it useful and interesting. You are a very good writter. Hope to see you in person someday! Happy Diwali and a happy new year. Much light n peace, Jeenal :-)

  2. Thank you... love and light and peace to you too... come visit, will be fun to meet fellow yoga teacher from Santacruz Inst...:)


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