Monday, August 23, 2010

Unconditional Love

I was in Pune for the weekend. As I was sharing an intimate moment with a friend's cat, I realised that animals offer so much love and trust, that they inspire us to give back in the same way.

Some my clearest, most aware moments have been while bonding with animals.

Sharing some of my animal love stories in this blog post.

In Muscat, there were 2 cats in the apartment complex where I lived, I would often walk around with them, sit by the pool and watch the bats flying around and dipping into the pool every now and then. One of the cats, a very beautiful male used to sit on my chest and purrrrr...aaaah kitty love, best thing in the world!

Small love affairs take place on a regular basis whenever you pass a friendly dog on the road. But Pudding has been my longest relationship. She is just the most beautiful and friendly dog ever. She lives on the street corner near my house. She often comes to visit, have a sponge bath, a snack, some love and a nap. One of my very special moments with her was on an evening just before the rains started when the twilight sky was full of golden clouds creating a very special light on the terrace and making the plants look magical. Pudding and me lay on our backs arms, legs, and paws lifted up to the sky enveloped in the golden glow... :)

Do share the special moments from your love stories (man, woman, child, animal or plant!) with us... Give energy to love and it will grow.

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