Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do we really know what we want?

The law of attraction sounds so simple: Ask and you shall receive! Then why do so few of us have what we want..:)

I think the problem lies in knowing what we truly want or desire. The intent/desire needs to be expressed thorough the thoughts we think, the beliefs that we have and how we feel. Beliefs are basically thoughts we have been thinking over and over.

In most cases the intent, belief, thoughts and feelings do not match!

Rationally, logically you are absolutely certain that you want this particular person, object, job, etc in your life but yet it does not come. Most of the time somewhere hidden away in the sub-conscious mind there is a completely different intent or desire.

I had a lovely friend Marion over who shared her experiences with EFT and muscle testing. Muscle testing is a technique where your body is used as your very own lie detector or rather detecting the will of the sub-conscious mind. The technique is very nicely explained in the following video--

Usually if you muscle test through this following list of statements, you will find a hint of where the resistance lies.

I deserve to (have a million dollars or whatever the situation/ desire is)
It is safe for me
It is safe for others (Who does it benefit or threaten for the situation to continue)
I am willing
It is possible for me
I allow myself
I will benefit from
It will benefit others
I have what it takes to make life work if
I will feel deprived if
I will lose my identity if
I will never have a
I am ready to
I choose to

( Mystic Mandy explains how to go through the list of statements-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGJzbdMApBo&feature=related )

I tried these for my problems with making money and made some rather interesting discoveries about myself! It really does work because now I am making money with ease and paying the bills (a fact that I am slightly ridiculously proud of.. hee hee)

Have fun playing and discovering what you truly want!

If you have some interesting information or techniques, please do share them with us.



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