Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be an empty cup!

I recently spent an afternoon on the Abraham Hicks website. One little jingle has stayed in my mind...If you want it, you can get it, if you get out of the way!

How does one get out of the way?! As I was pondering over this question, I realised that one of the aspects of getting out of the way is making space. As a Zen master would probably say - You can only fill an empty cup.

When we are wanting, feeling a lack of, giving so much energy to the absence of money, a partner, that elusive house or job; we are already full and in fact sometimes overflowing with negativity. Even if the universe is your personal genie waiting to fulfil your desires, it can't, you are in the way!

So my new endeavour is to create empty spaces in my life. We are so scared of not having anything to do. For a year now, I have given up the idiot box. At one point I found myself spending the many hours freed from TV watching on the various games on facebook, which have also been given up! It takes some effort and time to get used to the idea of not filling up free time with crap.

If you make the time and space in your life for what you desire, the entire universe will support the fulfilment of your desire.

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