Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is Alcohol Your Personal Escape Route?

Over the years, I have realised that somethings which start out as fun, soon become a way for us to escape people or circumstances and the feelings these create in us which we do not want to deal with.

Since I have never really been into alcohol, I want to share my experiences with quitting smoking. Smoking started out as a kick, then as a tool for rebellion and not being such a good girl, then as something to do when bored or disturbed and went on to be a social crutch. Whenever I entered a party, to calm that sense of not knowing what to do with oneself, I would smoke!

Quitting smoking took a number of years of slow realization and understanding not just at an intellectual level but also at an experiential one that this was harming my body and I could do without it.

AWARENESS: To understand what triggers your drinking, all you need to do is watch when you need a drink most and how you are feeling at the time. Have the drink and then keep the awareness of whether drinking has really made you happier or more comfortable with yourself! Since being aware when you are drunk is not easy, observing the after effects on your body and mind is an interesting practice. As a smoker, I would observe the horrible taste in my mouth and my difficulty with breathing..:)

ACCEPTANCE: If you find yourself reaching for that drink when you are feeling loneliness or boredom, then a good place to start is to accept that you are lonely or bored and that it is OK to be like that. A friend of mine once said that she did not understand why people always wanted to be happy. There are so many other feelings and they all have their own experiences and knowledge to share with us.

SUBSTITUTES: Find a positive and healthy substitute which allows you to feel good and have fun. Yoga as been a lovely journey for me. It has helped me to enjoy being clean and living a healthier life. I hold evening yoga classes in Mahim from Monday to Thurs (For more Information visit,

Hope this helps in your efforts to be clean, happy and healthy!


  1. Nice blog! Do you know about these yoga books?

  2. I did not! Thank you very much, will make interesting reading.. :)


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