Friday, December 4, 2009

Concentration - A natural ability of the mind.

In my last blog post I mentioned my lack of concentration. However, today at 5:30 am after having spent most of the night trying to sleep because my mind cannot let go of something that upset me yesterday; I have come to the conclusion that my mind does have the ability to be one pointed and focused. What is apparently lacking i being able to focus on the positive, wholesome and healthy with the same effortlessness!

The uncontrolled mind loves to dwell on negative thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences. They probably seem juicy and dramatic in comparison to the good feelings created by looking after my plants or playing with Pudding, my sweet and lovable street dog.

When my mind is getting over worked and giving too much importance to stupid things; I find it useful to flip open any yoga, osho or spiritual book. It always gives me some sort of understanding to help deal with my mind.

I flipped open Osho's "The path to meditation"
Every time you remember an experience , you re-live the emotions and feelings that it created. Every day for 10 minutes remember the good feeling created in meditation or a moment when your heart was filled with love or when you felt vital and alive, energy flowing through every cell of your body.

Thank you Osho! :)

Will try to keep this message alive in my heart and mind today.

Focus on the negative and it grows and creates more negativity. Focus on the positive, feel gratitude for the blessings and these will multiply creating more positivity and blessings for the future.


  1. wil try your Baba Ganosh receipe.
    Nice blog and website, hope you get loads of hits.

  2. Thank you! Am sure you will enjoy it.. :)


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