Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Art of Receiving Gracefully

I always have a problem receiving gracefully whether it is a compliment, present or love. In my mind I was always a giver hence I am not comfortable receiving. But aren't giving and receiving 2 sides of the same coin? How can one have the ability to give generously but not be able to receive?

"When you put your hand on someones shoulder, send them all the love in your heart, your whole life energy through your hand.

When you look into someones eyes, pour your whole heart through your eyes.

Not only will you awaken your own love and friendliness but also move something in the other."

Osho - The Path of Meditation

Do we ever give of ourselves so completely? The mind comes in here and says "You live in Mumbai for heaven's sake! How can you possibly give in this manner to the 100's of people you meet? And all those awful men on the street - Do I really want to move something in them! " :)

I guess the thought that the men on the street are awful gives away the unfriendly feeling in my heart towards them!

Life is a mirror and we are constantly throwing negativity at it. Even though at some rational level I get this, I cannot even begin to count the number of times I am surprised when people act in a manner offensive to me!

In conclusion, the effort to give of yourself completely has to start with safe things in safe environments - with trees, plants, animals and people that you love. Then at a far far away stage, I will feel only love towards everything...:)

My positive affirmation for today: I will try to use every opportunity that comes along for being loving and avoid using some opportunities for expressing hatred.

The lovely thing about the spiritual path is that you get immediate encouragement in small ways from life when you follow the path of the good and the right!

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