Thursday, December 17, 2009

ACHAR or a daily routine : Are you a procrastinator? Join the club!

Do you find yourself putting off, waiving, tabling, suspending, deferring, adjourning and delaying certain things in your life repeatedly?! I often find myself in this situation.

For the longest time since my first vipassana, I have always found the thought of waking up early and meditating 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening really attractive. Since I am a freelancer with no big responsibilities like family, children, job, etc. to get in the way - I really have no excuses! At one point I found that I was getting frustrated and angry with myself for not being able to achieve this simple thing that I know will give me so much peace and pleasure.

How to make a mountain of a molehill?!
Now that I think about it, is what I want really that simple? Waking up early means a change of lifestyle where my eating on time, sleeping early along with many other life style changes come in. I also realised that by clubbing the 3 acts together I was making it into an impossible task. After all whenever you wake up, you can make the time to sit and meditate and the evening siting is possible even if I didn't wake up early or sit for my morning meditation!

Dr. Jaydev of the Yoga Institute says that if we could do just 1 worthwhile thing every day at the same time, our whole life would change and we would see big results.

The ONE WORTHWHILE thing is the Keyword here! Found a very fitting saying while designing the vedana website : Stress is an ignorant condition where everything is important.

What are my Priorities?
If something is a priority in our life, maybe we postpone it by a day or 2 but eventually we do it. I make a list of things to do everyday. A lot of the list is full of trivial small everyday activities. I think I include those just so I can cross something off the list and feel productive! :)

Just looking at the activities you perform daily would give you a good idea of what you actually prioritise in life. And what you actually prioritise could be very different from what you would like to or think you should prioritise!

ACHAR or a daily routine

Another thought that came to me is that everyday we do certain things which come naturally to us. [Drinking water, eating food, bathing, brushing teeth, etc.]The things we want to do should become natural; we cannot postpone a bath beyond a day or 2 before feeling like a dirty slob! The same feeling should come for meditation or yoga.

Yoga stresses the need for a healthy daily routine. Setting mealtimes, sleeping and waking up time, time for exercise, for work, for family, for yourself, for fun, etc. This sort of a structure would go a long way in creating wholesome habits and tendencies which then would become a natural way of living.


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