Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lemon Squares - Satisfying little helpings of blissfulness!

Crust: 1 cup of Flour, 75 gms Butter, 1/4 cup Icing Sugar

Mix and put in an ungreased square pan, bake till light brown. 20 mins in over, In the microwave oven, it took about 10 mins.

Topping: 3 eggs, 1 cup granulated sugar, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 table spoons of lemon juice. I used 4-5 lemons

Beat till light and fluffy, Pour over crust and bake for 25 mins, again took way less time in microwave oven.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Dealing with Complaint!

What are we doing when we complain? We are saying that we are unhappy/irritated/angry (filled with a negative emotion which is toxic and harmful to us) because...

People are doing something wrong - treating us unfairly, being abusive, being irresponsible, being unjust, being dishonest, etc. Wrong as in contrary to our idea of right! Of course there are some big issues which most people will agree are just plain wrong such as violence, murder, rape, child abuse, etc. But how often do we find ourselves complaining about these big issues? Mostly we complain about petty things. When faced with a big issue which directly affects us, most people act.


We complain about a situation which is not to our liking.

So a few aspects of complaining, cringing, wingeing, bitching, etc come to light here! :)

When we complain, we are filled with toxic emotions and thoughts. There is enough toxicity in our surroundings, do we really need to create more of the same in ourselves!

Usually we complain about petty things...the maid, traffic, weather, appliances, being single, being married, being childless, having children....stopping now as the list can be endless!

If something was really important or unbearable, we would have taken some form of action to change the situation.

When we complain, we blame! :)

Now if I am complaining about my washing machine, what I am saying is that my happiness depends upon this appliance. The washing machine, an appliance which I purchased to make my life easier, has the power to make me unhappy! We give up our power to so many things, people and situations. We forget that each one of us is blessed with free will- our right to choose.

One of most common ways our mind functions is through judgement - good , bad, like, dislike. So its safe to say in any situation, our mind is constantly weighing the pro's and the con's. When we let the situation continue, we have made a decision- consciously or unconsciously that the pro's out weigh the con's.

Unfortunately, no person or situation is without the con's, nothing is perfect, not even us! :) We are not perfect beings, so we cannot expect perfection from others. In fact most of the things we recognize in other people are things we have in ourself. Since people are not perfect, then we can safely assume that the systems and ideologies we create to help us function effectively are also flawed.

When we complain we forget that somewhere we have made this choice. We stop taking responsibility for our choices. So the next time we find ourselves complaining, lets consciously take a look at the pro's and the con's and make an informed decision. Having decided to accept this flawed situation (ALL situations are flawed), we now need vast amounts of acceptance, patience, love and kindness.

Who is the first person critically in need of the above - its us! We are toxic at this moment! Only when we can treat ourselves with kindness, then kindness will be a part of our dealings with the outside world. When we can be accepting of ourself, then acceptance will naturally flow out to others. When we can create positive change in ourself, the situation outside will automatically reflect us.

Coming to the final aspect of complaint - Am taking an example from one of Ajahn Brahm's talks (

Complaint is similar to shit. Instead of flushing it down, we put it in our pockets, rub it on our skin and offer it to the people we meet...:)

If you are looking for flaws, thats all you will see. Accept the flaws, colour your glasses with some love, kindness and patience, start looking for the positive in all situations and problems will start to disappear.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have You Received Your 5 Hugs For Today? :)

Yesterday a friend of mine mentioned how people need 5 hugs a day to stay happy and healthy. I love the idea especially since I have always been this overly affectionate person!

Someone had mentioned a research that proved babies who had been cuddled, stroked and hugged developed normal healthy spines as compared to those who had been abandoned and ignored, the spine in those babies shriveled up. As human beings, we all need love, touch and affection.

So making a list of things other than 5 hugs that qualify as my emotional health food, please feel free to add to this list...:)

Pudding love is equivalent to many many hugs. (For those of you who haven't read my previous blog posts, pudding is the street dog who visits and adds much delight to my life) People with pets, plants (that they look after with affection and not kill and replace!) and children (that they look after with affection and are hence happy, loving and well adjusted...this positivity and hope probably shows that i am single and baby-less!) probably find it easier to get their affection quota for the day filled.

A good massage could qualify as your 5 hugs for the week or even the month!

The feeling of new love can escalate a simple smile or touch into a million hugs. The problem with that is it feels too good, so you want more and new love gets old way too quickly. So those of you in the new love mode, enjoy it while it lasts! Hopefully new love gives way to friendship, respect and something that is more lasting if not as exciting :)

A yoga session can leave you all whooshed and happy for the whole day.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is Your Core Belief Standing In Between You And Your Reality!!

Core beliefs are conclusions we come to as children based on our experiences. We continue to form new beliefs even as adults. The interesting thing is that beliefs reside in the sub conscious part of the brain in the form of a strong feeling of truth or rightness. Even if rationally you know this belief is complete crap, unfortunately you still believe it!

The universe is responding to this feeling sub conscious part of us and since we believe in this particular thing so strongly, it goes all out to make it come true.

Most of the time we are not even aware of what these beliefs are and yet they continue to affect the way we perceive and respond to life. So this blog post is dedicated to discovering our core beliefs and bringing our awareness to the new beliefs we are creating.

One of the new beliefs I have created is that "Every time I need to get home from Bandra, its a struggle because taxi's do not want to go short distances." So yes it is a struggle and one that I have created and continue to perpetuate.

Every time we come to a conclusion, we need to ask ourself - Is this what I want in my life?

For example if you come to the conclusion that making money is hard work, then the universe will make you work hard for your money!

I hate my job because people do not appreciate me, voila! wish granted - People will not appreciate you and you can continue to hate your job!

I am sure you are getting the picture...:)

There is lovely Zen story on judgments about this old man who had a beautiful horse that many people wanted to buy. He would not sell as the horse was a friend and a part of his family. The people of the village thought he was a stupid man as how could he take care of this valuable animal. One day the horse was gone and the people of the village came to tell the old man how this was such a tragedy, he should have sold the horse when he had a chance...The old man refused to form a judgment, just sticking to the fact that the horse was gone. One day the horse returned, bringing 15 wild horses back with him. The people of the village came to congratulate the old man on his new horses. The old man still stayed with just the facts that the horse had returned bringing 15 other horses back with him. The villagers shook their heads and left! The old man's son was training one of the horses and broke his leg and would never walk without a limp again. The villagers came over to sympathize on this tragedy. The old man still refused to come to any conclusion and just stayed with the fact, neither calling it good or bad. There was a war and all the young men of the village were drafted in to the army and certain death except the limping son of the old man. As expected, the villagers came over to tell him how lucky he was... The old man told them to stop passing judgments - how can we pass a judgment without knowing the whole story.

The whole story is never available to us, we only know the bits where we play a role. If 5 people were involved in the same incident, there would be 5 different versions of how it went down! So each time you pass a judgment, come to a conclusion, think again. Stay with the facts instead.

Unless of course the conclusion you have come to is that you deserve to have a happy abundant life...go universe go! :)


As you walk home dreamily from a date, planning babies with this man you have just met and do not know (this would be a great time to stick to the facts!), suddenly one part of your mind comes in and says, Don't be daft, this is never going to work out!

As you are walk into a job interview for a dream job which will pay you really well, a voice in your head tells you that you will never get this job.

Pay attention to these voices, these very strong fixed thoughts and ideas which keep coming up. Life is our teacher and till we learn the lesson and change our belief, we will find ourselves in a re-run with new actors but similar situations again and again.

Another indication of the core belief which is creating havoc in your life is just to think about what you are not satisfied with in life, things you want but do not have. Maybe its your core belief which is standing in the way, which keeps sabotaging your plans!

Enjoy the process of discovering your core beliefs...:)

I was watching the video, 'Birth as We know it' yet again when the words Core Belief jumped out at me and led me to this article


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Set Boundaries And Free Yourself!

I was recently given a book on the Secret Laws of Attraction by Talane Miedaner, how to make yourself irresistible.. ! :)

Its really quite interesting actually, so going to share some of my favourite parts of the book.

Every one has needs:
Being needy is not the same as having needs. Unfulfilled needs manifest as neediness and unfortunately neediness is mostly observed in romantic relationships! One person cannot fulfill your needs, this task needs to be spread out among your family and friends and people who already love you besides the man/ woman in your life..:)

The best way to get your needs fulfilled is to specifically ask for what ever it is you need. I recently asked for emotional support from my family and was amazed at how much love was showered on me!

An unfulfilled need is the result of weak boundaries:
People cannot hit me, people cannot be rude to me, people cannot take advantage of me, etc are some example of boundaries.
The first thing to realise when people cross one of your boundaries is that you have allowed them to do so. People have different boundaries, it helps if you inform them of yours by telling them gently at the first infraction.

Boundaries are not about controlling other people, people will do what they want. Its a way of teaching other people how to treat you. Boundaries help us to protect ourself and choose the environment we stay in.

This is what I liked best of all, it is not appropriate to have a boundary such as "People cannot yell at me", if you are yelling at others. Boundaries help to create standards that we must hold ourselves up to. An opportunity to be aware and grow as human beings...:)

The 4 steps to implementing your boundaries:
1) Inform: that your boundary has been crossed
2) Request: that the offending behavior stop
3) Demand: that the offending behavior stop
4) Leave: without any snappy comebacks or remarks

The trick is to be able to inform, request and demand in a neutral voice, as calmly as you would say the sky is blue!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Unconditional Love

I was in Pune for the weekend. As I was sharing an intimate moment with a friend's cat, I realised that animals offer so much love and trust, that they inspire us to give back in the same way.

Some my clearest, most aware moments have been while bonding with animals.

Sharing some of my animal love stories in this blog post.

In Muscat, there were 2 cats in the apartment complex where I lived, I would often walk around with them, sit by the pool and watch the bats flying around and dipping into the pool every now and then. One of the cats, a very beautiful male used to sit on my chest and purrrrr...aaaah kitty love, best thing in the world!

Small love affairs take place on a regular basis whenever you pass a friendly dog on the road. But Pudding has been my longest relationship. She is just the most beautiful and friendly dog ever. She lives on the street corner near my house. She often comes to visit, have a sponge bath, a snack, some love and a nap. One of my very special moments with her was on an evening just before the rains started when the twilight sky was full of golden clouds creating a very special light on the terrace and making the plants look magical. Pudding and me lay on our backs arms, legs, and paws lifted up to the sky enveloped in the golden glow... :)

Do share the special moments from your love stories (man, woman, child, animal or plant!) with us... Give energy to love and it will grow.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do we really know what we want?

The law of attraction sounds so simple: Ask and you shall receive! Then why do so few of us have what we want..:)

I think the problem lies in knowing what we truly want or desire. The intent/desire needs to be expressed thorough the thoughts we think, the beliefs that we have and how we feel. Beliefs are basically thoughts we have been thinking over and over.

In most cases the intent, belief, thoughts and feelings do not match!

Rationally, logically you are absolutely certain that you want this particular person, object, job, etc in your life but yet it does not come. Most of the time somewhere hidden away in the sub-conscious mind there is a completely different intent or desire.

I had a lovely friend Marion over who shared her experiences with EFT and muscle testing. Muscle testing is a technique where your body is used as your very own lie detector or rather detecting the will of the sub-conscious mind. The technique is very nicely explained in the following video--

Usually if you muscle test through this following list of statements, you will find a hint of where the resistance lies.

I deserve to (have a million dollars or whatever the situation/ desire is)
It is safe for me
It is safe for others (Who does it benefit or threaten for the situation to continue)
I am willing
It is possible for me
I allow myself
I will benefit from
It will benefit others
I have what it takes to make life work if
I will feel deprived if
I will lose my identity if
I will never have a
I am ready to
I choose to

( Mystic Mandy explains how to go through the list of statements-- )

I tried these for my problems with making money and made some rather interesting discoveries about myself! It really does work because now I am making money with ease and paying the bills (a fact that I am slightly ridiculously proud of.. hee hee)

Have fun playing and discovering what you truly want!

If you have some interesting information or techniques, please do share them with us.